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Do you enjoy lively, juicy, free-flowing conversations? 

Ones that...

..are full of laughter and life, silliness and seriousness,
entertainment and enlightenment?

...expand our awareness and our
understanding of ourselves and each other? us to the infinite possibilities in
ourselves, in each other and in life?

...and offer a fun way to share some social time
with friends both old and new!

Then check out these documents:

"Appreciation" Defined & Given
PDF    Word
Game Overview
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Free Game Procedures
PDF    Word
Player's Appreciations
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Curious about, interested in
or even excited by the possibilities? 

While I am developing this unique, and very social, "conversational" game
I want to play it with as many people, and combinations of people, as I can.

Find out about my Victoria games

Add yourself to my Appreciation Game Invitations list

All my games run for 1 to 2 hrs (depending on the wishes of the participants). Potluck finger food and beverages of choice are welcome. Tea, juice and water provided.

If you are hesitant about coming to a game because to you it is an unusual and unknown activity with unknown people you are welcome to bring a friend to share the experience.

If you would like to host a game in the Victoria area yourself and have me there to help facilitate it email me so we can discuss the art of the possible.

~ Bill Hanson,
   Victoria Host and game creator

Play, or host, games
wherever you are!

The Free Game Procedures offered above can get you started.
Gather some friends and go for it!

Questions, comments & feedback about the game,
as well as suggestions for improving it, are all invited & encouraged.
Send them by clicking Here

(in particular, if you play it on your own, feedback on your
experience of the game would be greatly appreicated!)

Keep up-to-date on
Appreciation Game developments

A significant update to this site is being planned for the post play testing stage of the game's development. 

On that site the game's procedures will still be available free of charge to anyone anywhere along with a variety of information about playing it.  In addition it will have a member's area offering a range of interactive communication, support and connection features for both players and hosts whether their interest is social or professional (ie educators, corporate trainers, counsellors and/or psychologists/psychiatrists).

If you would like to be kept up to date as the project grows add yourself to the Appreciation Game Update Notifications List

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